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British Muslims in World War I (WWI) 

Friday 11th November marked the armistice signed by the Allies of World War I (WWI) and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of WWI. However, it is important to note that hostilities continued in other regions of the world, especially across parts of the old Ottoman Empire where many more thousands (almost exclusively Muslims) perished.
Today, we remember the 400,000 Muslims Soldiers who fought for Britain of whom at least 89,000 Muslims were recorded as having given their lives. We also remember the 280,000 Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians Muslims who fought for the allies. (Total 680,000 Muslim Soldiers).
‘Stories of Sacrifice Exhibition’ at the British Muslim Heritage Centre is one of the only exhibitions ever devoted entirely to this subject. This exhibition will be beneficial for the public to understand the sacrifices that were made by Muslims in the Great War and for British Muslim themselves to be aware of the historic significance that reverberates even today.

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